Have you had those days when nothing seems to be working or falling in place? Well we are no different and had one of those days. But we learned a lot.

We recently had a client whereby we just didn’t seem to be on the same page. No matter what we did, it just didn’t seem to matter. We worked diligently to put out a product our client would be happy with, but to no avail. Ultimately we ended up parting ways, but here’s what we learned along the way.

  • Keep your sense of direction in place and don’t allow these times to define you or your company.
  • We realized that some of the systems we had in place where broken and had to be fixed.
  • It’s key to have a contract in place defining the scope of work so that everyone is on the same page.
  • Sometimes you have to simply walk away from a project that’s just not working.

All worked out in the end and no bad or ill feelings where met, but the lessons learned where huge for us as a company. I guess you can say the biggest lesson learned was that no one is perfect and in order to succeed we all must grow from our mistakes.

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