Have you utter these words as well? Let’s face it. How do you keep up with all the ever evolving changes with social media and still have time to run a business?

As a company, we used to manage client’s social media accounts. In fact, we still have some client’s in place that are still utilizing our social media management services. But as of late, we have been turning down client’s left and right when it comes to managing their social media. Why?

  1. It’s frustrating to keep up with the algorithms (for another post).
  2. Some of our client’s got great results and some not so much.
  3. The ROI (Rate of Investment) just isn’t what it use to be. Now a days you have to spend quite a bit of time and money to really get any momentum.
  4. We found it just wasn’t worth the cost and time our team was putting into it.

Now we have resources to point our client’s to, and it’s fantastic! We love handing off work to reputable businesses we’ve worked with in the past. It’s quite freeing actually.

So if you find yourself in the same predicament, we suggest you take a look at our resource page or give us a call 805-402-5957. We’d be happy to point you in the right direction. Because now we only do web and membership sites. Phew….

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