Some of you who may know our company as KV@ Virtually Everywhere, may see that we’ve changed things up. Here’s the deal. We use to be a company providing a wealth of marketing services:

  • Social media creation/management
  • Branding
  • Logo creation
  • E-newsletter creation/management
  • Website builds/maintenance
  • Blogging creation/maintenance
  • Social media training
  • Social media cleanup
  • Microsoft training
  • Soft SEO

Wow, now that’s a list. We also found that many times our efforts and cost didn’t add up. So we took a hard look at our company and decided to pair down, way down. We really wanted to give our client’s the best of our services while working to get them the best return on their time and money. With this said, we now only offer the following:

  1. Website builds/maintenance
  2. Membership site builds/maintenance
  3. Soft SEO
  4. Blog creation/maintenance

With these in place we are able to get you tapped into your best resource, your website. We have models to help you build your business, grow your list, and make money while you sleep. How can you loose?

We hope you find the new look simplistic and refreshing with better services in place that have been proven to work over and over.

If you are a current client, we look forward to continuing to provide top notch service and results.

If you’re new to this site, we welcome you with open arms and hope you find the information within helpful and look forward to possibly doing business together very soon.

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