Sounds like a cool idea, yes? Who wouldn’t want to make money while you sleep, but the million-dollar question is HOW?

Membership Sites

Affiliate Marketing

Course Material

All of these have one thing in common. Once you set them up, they can bring in a stream of income that you don’t even have to really think about. But you do need to do work on the front end to have them created. Let’s delve into each one and how they can be financially beneficial for you. Shall we begin?

Membership Sites

This is one of my favorites, as it’s a great way to share information that you most likely already have in place. A membership site is simply a site created where you can house:

  • Course material from old programs you held in the past. Dust them off, break them up into small snippets and house them here.
  • Tips and tricks that you already share with your client’s on a daily basis all in one place.
  • How-to videos you pulled together that can now be broken up into 10 – 15 minute intervals.
  • Q/A’s that you answer on a regular basis with key tips on how to implement them.
  • Pictures of celebrities or top speakers that you’ve worked with.
  • Video snippets of your speaking engagements or events including those who may have spoken on your stage.

Here you are simply housing information that you’ve already pulled together or created for your client’s, in one place, for one price. The idea here is consider this your vault of material where only paid members can access. Plus, each time you have new material created, you upload it here for your tribe.

Affiliate Marketing

This one is quite easy. Consider all the platforms you use with your business. Most likely each of these have an affiliate program, where you can easily sign up and get your very own link.

Once you acquire this link, you pull together a resource page on your website to house all of your affiliates. Here you note how each one has helped you run your business and how you highly recommend to your audience to use them as well by simply clicking on the logo and/or link. Each time someone signs up through your personal link, you get a pay back from that affiliate. See, easy money.

Another way of thinking about this, is spreading the word. Similar to when you find a great baker or restaurant. You tell everyone about your experience. This is what an affiliate is as well. You are simply providing your audience a resource they can use for their business, and when they do you get paid.

I recommend you keep your affiliates noted on a separate page of your site as to not overwhelm your audience with advertisements. You want these to be helpful resources not look like your selling everything in town.

Course Material

The great thing about course material is that you can make a series of videos, templates or forms to help guide your audience through a process. For example: If you are a social marketer, you may pull together a series of how to get your social media presence online and known to all.

You can do this with very little equipment and platforms to help you pull it all together. Here’s a simple list to get you started:

Once you pull together your course material you can now package it to sell to your audience. The cool thing about this as well, is you can also house this in your membership site and/or a stand-alone product on your site.

Either one of the above can help you bring in money while you sleep. But remember, you still have to get the word out to your target audience. This is where your social media, emailing, and networking come into play.

No matter how you look at it, it’s a great way to bring in some much needed cash to help you grow both financially and as the expert in your field.

Here’s to growing your business online.

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