My answer on this was always a resounding NO, until this past year. I was told by many coaches, mastermind meetings, and business conversations that journaling was the best way to really move you forward in business. Yet, each time I would get out my trusty pen and pad of paper, I simply sat there wondering how this can help anyone. At first, I tried journaling by typing in my thoughts. Yeah, that lasted two weeks and then I gave up. Then I started writing a bit here and there, that lasted another two weeks and soon the pen and paper were put down never to return, so I thought.

Then I went to an event that put journaling in a whole new perspective for me. Was it an event on how to journal the right way for the best results? Nope. It was an eWomen conference. Yes, you read that right, eWomen conference.

Here’s what I found. It wasn’t the process of journaling it was how I was journaling. I was doing it for the wrong reasons. I started because it had been expressed to me that it was the best way to get what you wanted out of life and business. However, the whole process of journaling is to purge, encourage and change your mindset. Not simply because it was another means to an end.

When I started truly journaling I did it in a way that made sense for me, which is what we all should be doing. Here’s my process:

  • When I write I do so with the intent that it is my alter ego expressing all the good and positivity in my life. In simpler terms, my life cheerleader. I promised myself that I was not allowed to write anything negative or bad about myself. I was only allowed to note all the good that happened and will happen because of my journey.
  • Then I wrote out three things I was grateful for and why.

To this day it has helped me stay focused and on track, even when things aren’t going as well as I would like. It’s my checks and balance for myself on all that I’ve accomplished, big or small. But most importantly, it helps me realize that I’m harder on myself than anyone will ever be, and it’s up to me to recognize my wins as well.

You may start journaling yourself one day, but do it only because you believe in the process.

Here’s to your business success.

Katrina Garcia

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