You see them, you hear they are the best thing since PB&J, so why aren’t you using one?

Some of you may be asking, what the heck is a Pop Up? A new pop-up book for kids? Nope, but if you have a website this is a term you should be familiar with. You see them on many websites. It’s when you first come to a page and a box pops up asking you to fill in your name and email for a freebie. Some of you have done just that. Filled in your name and email and received the freebie within. Some of you simply hit the X button and got out of it. While some of you got so frustrated to see one more pop-up you simply left for another website or competitor.

However, this is a great way to build your list. But here’s the caveat, and I’ve stated this in a past blog, it has to be something juicy that your target audience either craves or really needs. Here’s the other thing, you have to know who your target audience is. But today, we’ll discuss how to find your target audience, as this seems to allude many entrepreneur’s these days. Let’s start with some simple concepts first:

  • Remember, not everyone is your ideal client. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. You should only be tailoring your business to a select few. WHAT? Yeah, a select few. Because here’s the deal, the more concise you are the better you can service your client’s and the more you will be in demand.
  • You can’t service everybody. Unless you are a multi-billion dollar company, like Coca Cola, and have thousands of employees, you can’t possibly service everybody, no matter how hard you try.
  • Get real with what you provide. If you have competitors in your industry, figure out what they are providing and what they are not. How can you fill the gaps your competitors are not filling? Or what do you do better than your competitor and why?
  • What is your price point? This alone can narrow down your market even further. But remember, there is a fine line between pricing too low or too high.

Now you have to figure out who that ideal client is. Here’s a great template to help you do just that:

Once you find your ideal client your can now start to begin setting up your freebie and pop-up to build your list.

Keep an eye out for Part 2 as we go into further detail of pulling together a pop-up that works.

Here’s to your business success,

Katrina Garcia

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