In the last post we talked about finding your ideal client. We went over the reason this is so important, and how to figure this out. Didn’t see part 1 of this post? Let’s catch you up: Read Part #1 This should catch you up on our previous post regarding this ever alluding topic.

Now let’s get into the really juicy stuff, shall we? Are you ready to pull together a pop-up option on your website that truly brings in leads? Before we do, let’s take a look at the stats of having one of these babies on your website:

  • The top performing pop-ups in the industry have pulled in a 9.28% conversion.
  • Broken down; let’s say you have 150 visitors a day who visit your site, your monthly sign up rate would be 418 signups.

Not bad odds, but most want a much bigger conversion than a simple 9.28%. So, how do you appease the masses and get them to hand over their info, sign up for your webinar, buy your online course…..whatever your ultimate goal is, you have to plan it out.

We recommend the following steps to get your pop-up to really sing to your audience getting you more leads.

  • First you want to plan out what your end goal is.
    • Do you want them to sign up for your membership site?
    • Buy your online course?
    • Sign up for your webinar?
  • Most won’t give you their info unless they get something in return. We recommend you give a freebie away of some of your juiciest and most successful stuff.
    • Get their interest peaked.
    • Ensure the freebie is something they can truly use to fill a gap or help them in one way or another.
    • It must be value driven.
  • Don’t make your pop-up the first thing that comes up when they land on your page. Have it pop-up as they scroll down.
    • We recommend roughly 20 – 30% down the page.
  • Be very clear on what they will get and keep your promise. This means you ensure all the back-end is working as well.
    • Did they get the download for the freebie?
    • A thank you email?
    • The next step?
  • Start with a question that really resonates with your audience.
    • Then have a button asking if they would like what you’re offering.

Keep in mind you want these to be personal, like you’re speaking to a friend. What would you say to that client if they were in front of you complaining about their life and your a life coach? “I get how you’re feeling. Can I offer you some great life strategies that have helped me get past the fears and doubts of life?” Uh, yeah!! See how this works?

Just as with anything on your website. You want to be talking to your audience by addressing the pains with a solution they simply can’t pass up. If you’re still unsure, check out other sites with pop ups. What captured your interest? Where you ready to sign up?

Pop ups can build your list and get you more leads, if it’s done right. Not sure if your pop-up is enticing enough? Ask, a couple of your clients what they would find helpful. They will appreciate your candor and it get’s them interested in signing up before you’ve even create it.

Here’s to gaining leads via your spectacular pop up.


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