I hear people say this all the time and must admit I go through this myself. As business owners, we work to gain clients and build our businesses but seem to be met with an onslaught of information.

  • Training seminars
  • Free online content through social media channels
  • New business platforms to systemize your business
  • A deluge of webinars/workshops

When you are running a business, want to stay ahead of your competition, keep current clients happy, bring in new clients, systemize your business, get the word out there, and make money how do you do it all when you are getting bombarded with the information overload? On one webinar you are told to do this on another you are told to do that, so which one is the right answer for you and your business?

We all want to improve upon our systems and get our business moving forward, but how do we do this when it feels like we have so little time and so much to do. Plus, with all the constant interruptions, how is one expected to get anything done?

I feel your pain. I’ve gone through the same time battle and overwhelm but I came up with some key things that helped me that I believe will help you. Keep in mind that these are simple but not always easy to put in place.

  1. When you start to feel that overwhelm take over, STOP, walk away for a few minutes, take some time to close your eyes and breathe, and let go of everything in your mind. By taking this simple time out, you help readjust your mind and quiet the overwhelm.
  2. Calendar out your work for business days. These are those days you plan on writing your posts and/or blog. Do your live Facebook tips, podcast, write your book, or work on your online course. By noting these on your calendar you are more likely to get them done.
  3. Work on getting at least 3 things completed each day. According to science, multi-tasking only allows you to get 15 – 25% accomplished. When you concentrate on one thing at a time you give it 100% of your attention so that you can then move on to the next thing.
  4. Keep the distractions at bay. This means timing your email and social media check-in throughout the day. By checking social media at designated times and putting an automatic email response that you only check emails at certain times of the day, you cut back on the distractions. This also means phone calls. Note a voice message that you check voice messages between particular times throughout the day.

By implementing these 4 simple things into your day you get more accomplished and have much less overwhelm. In fact, you may find that you get even more done.

Here’s to your business growth.

Katrina Garcia

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