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Membership Sites

If you have content, you can build your list and make money while you sleep.

KG Website Designs:

Can help you build
A Membership Site

Before you begin, maybe we should start with some questions.

  • Do you have copies of webinar’s you’ve conducted?

  • Do you have an e-book?

  • Do you have tips and tricks you pass onto your clients?

  • Do you have video content (i.e., seminars, workshops, interviews with key influencers etc.)?

If you have content that you share with your client’s on a regular basis, you have the base for a membership site and a potential money making machine.

“Making money just got easier”

Have you written?


Have you supplied?

Client training

Have you conducted?


Have you run?


Have you run?


Have you?

Written Book(s)

You can essentially build a membership site with all of the above by breaking each one into snippets or small pieces. This can give you a wealth of information that you can house on a membership site.

You charge either a one time fee or monthly fee, (we highly recommend a one time fee model) to your membership allowing them to digest the wealth of knowledge you’ve provided, all housed in one place.

They tell their friends and colleagues about the cool membership site they are a part of giving them some really great information and resources for their business.

They in turn tell their friends, and so on. Now you have a way of building your list, getting potential new clients, and make money while you sleep.

Have questions?

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